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Coral/Orange Real Touch Tulip and Calla Lily Bridal bouquet

Gorgeous over arm bouquet of coral/orange real touch tulips and 3 large cream real touch calla lilies - diamantes to centres of callas, beargrass loops and finished with coral/orange satin ribbon with stunning crystal diamante detail to stem and brooch style embellishment to centre of bow - backed with large Aspidistra leaf.

STYLE NO. BB370 - £37.99

Peacock Feather Bridesmaid Bouquet

Stunning over arm bouquet of real touch Calla lilies and real touch foliage with peacock feathers - Stems wrapped in jade satin ribbon and tied with royal blue & jade green bow - Diamantes dowm stems & pearl detail to stem tips.

STYLE NO. BMB478 - £26.99

Bridal Bouquet double amount (x20) of Calla lilies - £39.99

Brides Calla Lily Over Arm Bouquet

Stunning lifelike latex Calla Lilies with beargrass sprays and loops - diamante crystals to centres of most Callas with glitter butterflies - Stems wrapped in luxury satin ribbon in your own colour choice with crystal type beaded wire entwined around stems and inserted into stem bases.

STYLE NO. BB266 - £49.99 

Bridesmaid Calla Lily Over Arm Bouquet 

Lovely bridesmaids Over Arm Bouquet of large lifelike latex Calla Lilies with beargrass and crystal sprays to centres of Callas -  Stems wrapped in  satin ribbon in your own choice of colour and finished with beautiful organza & satin bow with diamante heart buckle.

STYLE NO. BMB427 - £22.99

Over Arm Bouquet of Calla Lilies with Crystal Sprays 

Lovely bridesmaids Over Arm Bouquet of small lifelike real touch Calla Lilies with beargrass and crystal like sprays, backed with Aspidistra Leaf - Stems wrapped in pearled satin stem wrap and finished with bow.

STYLE NO. BMB429 - £29.99 small 

Large size available suitable for bride £45.99 - x 18 calla lilies


Picasso Calla Lily Over Arm Bouquet/ Long Stem Posy

Bridesmaids Over Arm Bouquet (can also be held as a long stemmed bouquet) of lifelike real touch Picasso Calla Lilies with Bamboo twist and real touch Fiscus leaf foliage - Stems wrapped in satin ribbon in your own choice of colour and finished with bow.

Centres of Callas can be airbrushed to your choice of colour a fabric/ribbon sample must be supplied by the bride for a true match.

STYLE NO. BMB427 - £25.99  - Plain Ivory Calla Lilies £22.99

Calla Lily & Freesia Over Arm Bridal Bouquet 

Brides lifelike latex Calla Lilies in large, medium and small with green Freesia sprays and berries with variegated real touch Fuscus leaf folaige and beargrass sprays - Stems wrapped in pearled luxury satin stem wrap.

STYLE NO. BB281 - £59.99

Bridesmaid Wand - Over Arm bouquet

Simple wand of calla lilies & beargrass spays & loops with fiscus leaf foliage - stems wrapped in satin ribbon with pearl pin detail.

STYLE NO. BMB431 - £14.99
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