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Pale Cream Silk Rose Corsage

Pale Cream & dusky pink heather corsage a single rsilk romance rose with a dusky pink/heather astrantia bud and gypsophila with a beargrass loop, finished with ivory satin & organza corsage bow.

COR52 - £8.99

Astrantia also available in blue or cream.

Pale Pink Rose Corsage

Pretty corsage of single pale pink lifelike polyfoam rose with foliage & gypsophila and finished with ivory satin & organza looped bow.

STYLE NO. COR38 - £3.50

Pale Dusky Pink & Ivory Corsage

Ivory & light dusky pink roses with freesia and gyp with pearl detail and finished with dusky pink satin ribbon & ivory organza corsage bow - stem wrapped in dusky pink with pearl detail to base.

COR51 - £4.99

 Burgundy/Deep Red & Gold Calla Lily & gem Corsage

A lovely corsage consisting of a real touch deep red calla lily with gold edged gem leaves, pearl sprays and feathers - finished with gold & deep red corsage bow - stem wrapped in deep red satin ribbon with gold & red pearl detail to base.

STYLE NO. COR1018 - £9.99

 Aqua Real Touch Calla Lily & Rose Corsage

Pretty corsage consisiting of a single real touch aqua/mint calla lily and an ivory rose with mint pearls, mother of pearl filigree clasp pearls and diamante spray - finished with lace and satin corsage bow - stem wrapped in aqua ribbon with a sparkling aqua crystal bead to base.

STYLE NO. COR1020 - £9.99

Real Touch Purple Calla Lily Corsage

Exquisite corsage of a single lifelike real touch calla lily with mini polyfoam roses with crystal to centres, ivory trachelium & fern foliage with real crystal & pearl loops and finished with purple ribbon to stem and bow and pearl to base of stem.

STYLE NO. COR1017 - £12.50

Cobalt Blue, silver & Ivory Gem Corsage

Pretty lifelike polyfoam rose with cobalt blue diamante to centre, pearl sprays crystal gem leaves and backed with feathers - finished with silver grey satin ribbon and silver grey organza ribbon with teardrop pearl to base of stem.

STYLE NO. COR1014 - £10.50

Black & White Bling Corsage

Lifelike  white polyfoam roses with diamante to centres, diamante sprays and a silver diamante butterfly with pearl loops and silver grey beads backed with black foliage and silver grey feather and finished wth black satin & organza corsage bow, silver grey bead to base of stem with silver filigree tip.

STYLE NO. COR1012 - £12.99

Coral Pink Calla Lily & Black Feather Corsage 

Lovely corsage of real touch coral pink calla lily with diamantes and a flower gem spray backed with black feathers and stem wrapped in black ribbon with diamante detail down stem- finished with black satin & organza bow.

STYLE NO. COR03 - £7.99 - sold out available March

Fresh Touch Ivory Rose & Feather Corsage

Beautiful fresh touch rose corsage (looks real, feels real, smells real) ivory fresh touch rose with diamante to centre backed with ivory feathers with gypsophila, pearls & diamantes finished with ivory satin and ivory polka dot organza ribbon bow - stem wrapped in ivory satin ribbon with pearl to base of stem.

STYLE NO. COR06 - £9.99

Fresh touch roses available in aqua/mint tipped, lemon tipped, pale blue tipped, royal blue solid, blush pink tipped, red solid, light coral solid, peach blush tipped.

BrightYellow Rose Corsage

Yellow polyfoam roses with asparagus flocked fern and gypsophila and looped beargrass - finished with yellow & ivory ribbon corsage bow with pearls to base of stem.

COR07 - £7.50

As with most of our corsages many colour options available

Navy Blue & Ivory Real Touch Calla Lily & Rose Corsage

LifelikeIvory real touch calla lily with navy/midnight rose bud with diamante to centre, stephanotis & blue hydrangea with blue leaf spray, backed with asparagus fern leaf and finished with navy blue corsage bow - light navy/midnight & ivory pearl to base of stem.

COR11 - £9.99

Red & Gold Calla Lily & Stephanotis Corsage

Stunning gold Calla Lily with red nerrine, ivory pearled stephanotis & gold diamante ribbon rose backed with red feathers and finished with red & gold corsage bow - stem wrapped in gold ribbon and trimmed with gold diamantes, with crystal bead to base of stem.

COR08 - £10.99

Aqua Fresh Touch Rose Corsage

Gorgeous aqua/mint fesh touch rose with diamante to centre with iridescent gem leaf sprays and pearls, finished with aqua/mint ribbon to stem and bow with crystal bead & pearl pin to base of stem

STYLE NO COR10 - £9.99

Lime & Ivory Real Touch Calla lily Corsage

Beautiful corsage consisting of 2 real touch calla lilies and an ivory polyfoam rose with foliage and finished with satin edged lime organza ribbon - pearls to base of stem to finish.

sSTYLE NO. COR05 - £8.50

Ivory & Lilac/Lavender Corsage With Feathers

Ivory lifelike polyfoam rose with lilac/lavender gem sprays and backed with ivory feathers - finished with lavender/lilac ribbon and gem to base of stem.

STYLE NO. COR09 - £6.99

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