Bridesmaid & Flower Girl Headdresses

Beautiful Handmade Headdresses 

Bespoke Service Offered

All our headdresses, hair clips, comb slides, alice bands and circlets can be made to co-ordinate with the colour scheme of your wedding. 

As with all our wedding flowers we also offer a bespoke service so if you do not see what you are looking for we can create your headdress design from a picture or pictures.                                    

Bridesmaid & Flower Girl Headdresses                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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Daisy Hair Comb

Daisy hair comb with diamantes and pearls and gypsophila.

STYLE NO. BMH182 - ADULT - £9.99

STYLE NO. BMH182 - CHILD - £4.99 no diamante

Periwinkle & White Bridesmaid Hair Comb

white mini polyfoam roses with pearled gyp and pearls.

STYLE NO. BMH104 - £9.99

Many colours available

Vintage Style Hair Comb

Elegant handmade vintage style comb slide with beautiful embellishment of pearls and diamantes.

BMH312 - £14.99

Purple & Ivory Hair Comb with Diamante

Large Hair comb - can be worn to side or back. Ivory & cadbury purple polyfoam roses with diamantes to centre & coiled glitz wire detail. 

STYLE NO. BMH330 - £14.99

Many colours available

Real Touch Orchid hair Comb

Real touch pink and ivory Orchids set on a clear comb slide with real touch fiscus leaf foliage and beargrass loop.

STYLE NO. BMH307 - £8.99

Also available in plum 

Purple & Ivory Combslide

Mini polyfoam roses with pearls & crystal bead detail set on a hair comb

STYLE NO. BMH300 - £11.00

Many colours available

White & Blue Hair Comb with Pearls

Small polyfoam roses with tiny blue polyfoam roses and pearls set on comb slide.

STYLE NO. BMH301 - £9.99

Many colour choices available


Fresh Touch Rose & Blue Hydrangea Hair Clip

Beautiful lifelike hair clip consisting of 2 beautiful fresh touch roses (they feel real, look real & smell real) with blue hydrangea and rustic twine heart & coils (optional).

STYLE NO. BMH180 - £10.50

Hydrangea also available in ivory or pink.

Plum & Ivory Hair Clip

Pretty hair clip created using vintage style mulberry paper roses in plum and ivory with pearls

STYLE NO. BMH334 - £7.50

Blush PInk & Ivory Hair Clip

Vintage blush pink & Ivory tiny polyfoam roses with pearls and trachelium set on a hair clip.

STYLE NO. BMH102 - £8.99

Many colours available

Coral & Ivory Hair Clip

Coral & Ivory mini polyfoam roses with diamante to centres and trachelium and pearls - set on a hair clip

STYLE NO. BMH101 - £11.99

Many colours available

Claret & Ivory Hair Clip

Mini polyfoam roses in claret and ivory with pearls and trachelium foliage - set on a hair clip

BMH103 - £8.99

Many colours available

Tropical Hair Clip For Bridesmaids

Mini polyfoam roses with orange trachelium, lime mini chrysanthemim and berries and finished with real touch variegated fiscs leaves - set on a hair clip

STYLE NO. BMH100 - £10.99


Dusky Pink & Vintage PInk Vintage Style Head Band

Beautiful vintage styled head band/Alice band in vintage pink & dusky pink roses and rose buds with trachelium foliage and dusky pink pearls.

STYLE NO. BMH105 - £16.99

Other colours available

Vintage Crystal Diamante & Pearl Headband

Gorgeous pearl headband with stunnng vintage style diamante embellishment - suitable for adult or flower girl - please state adult or child when ordering.

STYLE NO - BMH339 - £9.99

Flower Girl Headdress

Pearl alice band with organza and satin roses with diamante and pearls - choice of colour ribbon or choice of wide colour pearled pearled gyp.

STYLE NO. BMH304 - £9.50

Aqua/Mint Bridesmaid Hair Band

Beautiful silver head band with pearls & diamantes with aqua/mint parchment roses (choice of colour rosesavailable).

STYLE NO. BMBH181 - £14.99

Bridesmaid and Flower Girl Circlets

Purple & Ivory Flower Girl Circlet

Pretty flower girl/bridesmaid headdress in 'Cadbury' purple statice and Ivory roses finished with pretty satin bow to back.

STYLE NO. BMH306 - £19.99

Flower Girl Rose Circlet

Burgundy and Ivory lifelike polyfoam roses with ivory statice & crystal sprays

STYLE NO. BMH306 - £22.99

Vintage Style Headdress Circlet/Crown

Lilac & ivory roses with sprays of lavender & diamantes - with or without blow to back.

STYLE NO. BMH315 - £22.99

Vintage Crown Headdress

Lifelike Polyfoam Roses & satin daisies, floral crown headdress, draped with pearl beaded wire - with or without bow to back.

STYLE NO. BMH328 - £21.99


'V' Shaped Floral Headdress

Vintage style V shaped headdress - Polyfoam roses & filler flowers with satin bow to back. Padded satin front -  this can be changed to flowers all the way round if preferred.

STYLE NO. BMH331 - £24.99

Vintage Style Rose & Gypsophila Headdress

Fresh Touch Lilac and ivory Polyfoam roses with freeze dried gypsophila - very realistic looking flowers

STYLE NO. BMH - £19.99 


Pretty burgundy and ivory rose and snowball circlet with crystal sprays

STYLE NO. BMH336 - £19.99


Your little flower girls will love this pretty circlet - created using tiny polyfoam rose buds in ivory and vintage pinks ( salmon & dusky) with pearl detail

STYLE NO. BMH338 - £22.99

For just a single row of roses with pearls - £12.99  



Beautiful headdress of polyfoam roses and snowball with diamante to centre of roses & gold and ivory pearl sprays

STYLE NO. BMH337 - £19.99 


Bridesmaid and Flower Girl Alice Bands


Beautiful pearl wrapped alice band with side spray 

of Orchids & tiny roses with pearl sprays.

STYLE NO. BMH309 - £17.99

can be set on a comb slide if preferred


FULL Alice band with open roses with sprays of 

lavender & diamantes 

STYLE NO. BMH315 - £19.99 


Ivory & cadbury purple polyfoam roses with pearl

 sprays & diamante.

STYLE NO. BMH329 - £17.99


Vintage rose & tiny parchment roses with pearl & diamante sprays set to the side on a satin aliceband

STYLE NO. BMH310 - £9.99


Tiny ribbon roses in alternating colours with diamante 

to centre of alternate rose

STYLE NO. BMH302 - £12.99


Alternating shades of tiny parchment roses with scattered diamante centres  

STYLE NO. BMH314 - £19.99