ABOUT - Fresh Touch Roses

These new state of the art roses are the closest you will get to the real thing, they look real they feel real and they smell real. 

They are amazing! they are a little more expensive than silk flowers and at the moment there are only a few shades available.

These Fresh Touch Artificial Roses are made with realism in mind. Soft and textured petals, these flowers will fool everyone, even those that know they are fake!

The flower is botanically accurate and manufactured to the highest-quality standards, giving it an ultra-realistic look.

The petals have true-touch texture -  This is created using a special technique - The silk flower is coated with a mixture of liquid polymers, using a patented process. This is applied in layers, so the flowers remain supple & flexible.

Images of Fresh Touch Roses



ABOUT - Real Touch Flowers

This type of flower is moulded from delicate foam or latex, in a patented process. Although still very lifelike it has a thicker appearance than the fresh touch flower and is made purely from latex not silk. However the real touch Calla Lily formed with this process is very accurate and lifelike in appearance and touch.

Images of Real Touch Flowers



The real touch Orchids are a special case, because the flower petals are thicker and need more structure. The real touch orchid flowers may be made of latex or more rigid polymers - but good quality ones are still botanically correct and lifelike visually & to touch.

Images of Real Touch Orchids


The lifelike polyfoam rose is a beautiful realistic rose (high quality ones only) and is available in a wide choice of colours, this type of rose is made from a special mix of latex & foam - it is the most reasonable priced realistic flower.

Images of Polyfoam Roses


IMPORTANT - There are a few poor quality replicas out there so beware - We hand pick only the highest quality of fresh touch, real touch and polyfoam flowers available on the market to use in our wedding designs so you can be assured of quality - because our aim is to provide our brides with the best quality, silk, artificial fresh touch and real touch flowers available on the market today our colour & flower selection of these type of flowers is limited.

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