Pew end flowers for church pews and ceremony end chairs made to match with your colour/flower scheme

Bespoke Service Offered - we can create your pew ends to match with your chosen wedding flowers 

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Lavender, Lemon & Ivory Pew End - Cluster of lifelike polyfoam roses with iced cypress and sparkle pine foliage with large organza bow & trails.

STYLE NO. PEW06 - £7.99 - Colour Options - Order Form/Enquiry


Pink, Lavender & Ivory Rose Pew End - Lifelike polyfoam roses with gypsophila & trailing ivy with a beautiful wire edged organza ribbon bow.

STYLE NO. PEW05 - £12.00 - Colour Chart

Order Form/Enquiry

Rustic Vintage Pew End Heart - A beautiful heart shaped pew end/hanger with hessian wrap and mulberry paper cottage roses - fastened with organza ribbon ties to tie around pew ends or chairs or can be used as a hanging decoration.

STYLE NO. PEW03 - £8.50 - approximate size - 17cm x17cm

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Coral, Peach & Ivory Posy Style Pew End - A mix of polfoam roses with real touch leaf foliage and trachelium bound in satin ribbon with bow - satin ribbon ties fixed to back to tie around pew ends or chairs.

STYLE NO. PEW02 - £8.99

Wide choice of colour options available - Colour Palette

Organza Rosette Style Pew End - Wired edge organza ribbon with a small cluster of roses to centre and organza trails. satin ribbon fixed to back to tie around pew ends or chairs.

STYLE NO. PEW01 - £5.99   approximate size - 18cm x 18cm

Wide choice of colour options available - Order Form/Enquiry

Large Rustic Meadow Flower Heart Wreath Pew End

Beautiful pew end for the rustic vintage/country style wedding, meadow flowers and foliage entwined around a willow heart wreath - choice of fitting organza ribbon or twine for fastening to pew ends.

STYLE NO.PEW04 - £19.99

Approximate size  - 40cm x 40cm 

Ivory Foam Rose Hanging Heart Pew End

A foam rose heart for pew ends or ceremony end chairs - organza ribbon attached for tying around pew ends or chairs.

STYLE NO. PEW05 - £8.99

Flat backed

Approximate size  - 24cm x 24cm 

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