Shower/Teardrop Style Wedding Bouquets

Many colour options available in all our wedding flowers

The Floral Touch UK have been creating beautiful bouquets for over 25 years - we use only the highest quality flowers available and our bouquets are created to exceptionally high standards

 We are ranked 2nd in over 1000 UK florists for quality, value and customer service.

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Red Rustic Woodland Inspired Bridal Bouquet

Red Rose Shower Bouquet

Red Silk and lifelike Polyfoam roses with real touch variegated fiscus leaves and delicate leaf sprays - handle fully wrapped in gold glitz ribbon or wide choice available

STYLE NO. BBC35 - £99.00

Approximate Size - Diameter 26cm x Height 57cm

Real Touch Lifelike Orchid Wedding Bouquet

 Real Touch Orchid Bridal Bouquet

Beautiful extremely lifelike phalaenopsis orchids with diamante sprays and backed with real touch fiscus leaf foliage

STYLE NO. BBC13 - £89.99

Approximate Size - Diameter 26cm x Height 54cm

Pink, Blue & white calla lily and rose wedding bouquet

Real Touch Orchids & Calla Lilies

Extremely lifelike real touch orchids & calla lilies with real touch variegated fiscus leaves and diamante sprays - handle wrapped in ivory ribbon with bow

STYLE NO. BBC32 - £99.99

Real touch calla lilies available in a wide choice of colours

Approximately 26cm diameter x Height 45 cm 

Rustic Wedding Bouquet Lilac and white

Lilac & White Rose & Lisianthus Bouquet

Beautiful cascading silk lisiantus and white lifelike polyfoam roses and buds with foliage and freeze dried gypsophila - handle wrapped in choice of colour ribbon with bow

STYLE NO. BBC33 - £99.99

Approximately 25cm diameter x Height 46 cm 

Plum & Ivory Teardrop Wedding Bouquet

STYLE NO BBC07 - £89.99

Yellow, white and Pink Wedding Bouquet

SmallReal Touch Calla Lily & Lifelike Polyfoam Rose Bridal Bouquet

STYLE NO. BBC73 - £39.99

Autum Inspired wedding bouquet, orange and red wedding boquuet

Real Touch Orange & Red Bridal Bouquet

STYLE NO. BBC02 - £79.99

Black and white Tiger lily and rose wedding shower bouquet

Black & Ivory Tiger Lily & Rose Bridal Shower

STYLE NO. BBC15 - £79.99

Pink & Ivory Orchid Wedding Bouquet, real touch flowers and foliage

Real Touch Orchid Shower Bouquet

Pink & Ivory real touch lifelike orchids with a silk dendrobium orchid cascade with real touch foliage

STYLE NO. BBC16 - £95.00

Approximate Size - 26cm diameter - 65cm length

Rustic rose and gypsophila wedding bouquet, rustic inspired wedding flowers

Rustic Rose & Gypsophila Wedding Shower Bouquet

Lifelike polyfoam roses with gypsophila, fern & leaf sprays with real touch fiscus leaveshandle/stems wrapped in twine or your own choice

STYLE NO. BBC21 - £65.99

Approximate Size - 26cm diameter - 55cm length

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