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Large Blue & light Coral/Peach Bridal Bouquet

Blue & light Coral/Peach Bridal Bouquet 

 Blue hydrangea, light silk coral roses with ivory scabiosa, veronica, berry clusters, light coral hypericum berry sprays, blue nigella and flocked foliage - stems wrapped in navy blue velvet ribbon or own choice

STYLE NO. BB434 - £65.00 

Approximately 28cm diameter

Gold & Ivory Peony & Rose Bridal Bouquet

Gold & Ivory Peony & Rose Bridal Bouquet

Beautiful Bouquet of gold & Ivory lifelike polyfoam roses with beautiful quality silk peonies and gold ting ting, gold daisies and gold berry clusters gold diamante to centre of all roses.

STYLE NO. BB114 - £69.99

Approximate 26cm diameter

 Rustic Style Rose & Mini Pine Cone Buttonhole

Plum, Lavender, Ice Lilac & Ice Pink Bridal Bouquet with Brooch 

Beautiful bouquet of lifelike polyfoam roses in ice lilac, ice pink, dusky lilac and plum, with iridescent crystals to centres of most roses, pearl clusters, diamante & pearl embellishments and diamante & pearl brooches

STYLE NO. BB117 - £67.99

Approximately 26cm diameter

Dusky Mauve, Ivory & Baby Pink Bridal Bouquet with Gypsophila

Dusky Mauve, Ivory & Baby Pink Bridal Bouquet with Gypsophila

Gorgeous vintage style bridal bouquet of dusky mauve/pink roses with ice pink & ivory lifelike polyfoam roses, pink wax flowers, trachelium, elderflower & gypsophila, diamante to centre of large roses - stems/handle wrapped in ivory satin with full lace wrap overlay.


Approximately 26cm diameter

Lavender & Lemon Bridal Bouquet

Lavender & Lemon Bridal Bouquet

Beautiful modern lifelike bridal bouquet with lavender and lemon roses, silver brunia berries, pourple thistles, sparkle iced spruce and fern foliage with freeze dried gypsophila and lifelike sage flocked lambs ear leaf foliage a truly beautifiul lifelike boquuqet.

STYLE NO. BB109 - £59.99

Approximately 26cm diameter

Daisy & Daffodil Wedding Bouquet with Gypsophila

Delightful bridal bouquet with a 'just picked' look - country rustic design of daisies and daffodils with beautiful lifelike real touch latex gypsophila and beargrass loops - stems wrapped in hessian with lace overlay and raffia tie & bow.

STYLE NO. BB399 - £44.99

Approximately 25cm diameter

Vintage Style Bridal Bouquet of Roses & Peonies

Pretty vintage style smallbridal bouquet consisting of ivory peonies, ivory eternity roses and dusky pink romance roses with foliage in green & sage green - stems wrapped in choice of lace, satin or hessian - hessian with lace overlay (+ £1.50).

STYLE NO. BB384 - £44.99

Approximately 24cm diameter

Antique Pink & Cream Rose Bridal Bouquet With Vintage Style Brooch

SmallBridal Bouquet of beautiful vintage style silk roses in vintage/antique mauve and cream with crystal type bead chain detail and pearl and diamante & pearl vintage style brooch - Stems wrapped satin ribbon with lace overlay.

STYLE NO. BB300 - £39.99

Approximately Diameter 24cm


Sea Holly (Eryngium Thistle) & Eternity Rose Bridal Bouquet

Beautiful bouquet of ivory eternity roses and Sea Holly Thistles handle wrapped in satin navy/midnight ribbon with ballet style ivory satin overlay.

STYLE NO. BB388 - £65.00 

Approximately 26cm diameter

Rose & Gypsophila Bridal Bouquet

Silk roses with artificial gypsophila hand tied with organza satin edged ribbon with bow

STYLE NO. BB462 - £49.99

Approximately 26cm diameter

Winter White & Blue Wedding Bouquet

Winter white roses & peonies with deep blue thistles, forget-me-not, flocked fern, fern sprays and Eucalyptus

STYLE NO. BB463 - £49.99

Approximately 26cm diameter

Real Touch Tulip Hand Tied Wedding Bouquet

Beautiful lifelike real touch tulips with a diamante to centre of each with green foliage, outlined with beargrass loops and finished with beautiful embroidered & beaded chiffon with lace and diamante trim.

STYLE NO. BB372 - £49.99

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